Alarm installation with auto OWN HANDS

Author: | 08/29/2018

Signalku presented with the startup.

I am going to put himself, as said that the installation of the 4 thousand rubles. I have to say the level electrician :-) I have zero experience before that was to connect the radio and stove. Wrotham connected to the unit, the other day as a garage available to connect go.

I will put regulators under the stove.

the signaling unit

I took up connection. Plastmaski dismantled in the fuse box and took bardachek. Opened access to the fuse box to be able to connect.

In the upper right corner prikleyal antennas and stuck to the corner strut bulb. Wire braided tape and stuck to the wiring on the motor on the stove.

prikleyal shock sensor on the body under the right air duct. And I proceeded to the fun :-)


Green noted that it is not necessary to connect.

Scheme run: black / yellow and black / white-turning control and the starter lock (+)

Blue-output switching circuit ACC.


yellow-output switching the first ignition circuit.

Green second output enable ignition circuit.

On ignition wires 5, if I have correctly understood, then:




yellow with black stripe-ignition 2

red with black stripe-starter

style="vertical-align: inherit;">Gray, I do not know! Maybe circuit switching output ACC? Who knows what tell me!

Wiring diagram is this: cut the wire from the lock to the starter (red with black stripe) to the end of the starter to connect yellow with black stripe, and by the end of the castle black with white stripe (as written in the instructions)


wire lock to black, yellow alarms.

Red to red, there is no option!

Yellow with black stripe green lock from the signaling.

And the gray of the castle with the blue of the alarm, no other choice!

And 6-pin connector is connected startup, but the car will not start yet!

Proceed to the alarm:


Red №1 to the same twisting as the 6 pin connector.

It will be interesting:   How to update the iPhone 4 AT

black №9

Green and black №11 and green to yellow (after write, can not remember color)

Gray №13 to the siren, it is pulled through the main wiring harness (with him and trailer hood)

Blue-black at the driver's door 3-pin connector (brownish white)

Orange-gray №18 clear where!

And gray-black №6 without startup does not work. I have a car without tacho so that the lamp battery discharge



blue wire in the wiring to the tidy, on the scheme he comes to K2.

Central locking, do not connect, because I have it does not work ((((

That's all!

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