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Author: | 08/22/2018

Experts tell how to quickly and painlessly get rid of the superiority of the New Year

Do not be afraid too much, seeing a large number on the scale.
Do not be afraid too much, seeing a large number on the scale.

After the Christmas holidays, most people, and especially - women with horror looks at his reflection in the mirror: a generous feast never have consequences for the figure. The abundance of fatty and spicy foods, salads with mayonnaise, sweets and other culinary delights are always fraught with overweight. But do not despair: nutritionists insist that return the old form can be just a week! After all, in fact, one day in humans (medium build) can be deposited not more than 150 grams of "pure" fat. Thus, for 10 days gastronomic "binge" can gain about 1.5 kg fat. Why did the scales shifted by as much as many divisions, was surprised to ask you. That's because in addition to body fat trapped excess liquid and poorly digested food. As a result, "the advantage" may amount to as much as 5-7 kg. How to quickly and painlessly get rid of them, he told us dietitian, a member of the Association of Ukraine Oksana Skitalinskaya nutritionists.


It was ordinary water stimulates the kidneys and accelerates the elimination of toxins. The necessary amount of liquid for you can calculate, based on the scheme: 30 ml per 1 kg of ideal body weight person. Be sure to drink a glass of still pure water on an empty stomach immediately after waking. Ideally, if the interval between the intake of water and breakfast will be at least half an hour. Water should be warm (above room temperature), can be added to it two or three drops of lemon juice: it will wake the gastrointestinal tract and improves digestion.

Of beverages during the day should prefer herbs and teas too strong. For example, the infusion of parsley or chamomile can help get rid of the swelling, and the natural leaf green tea without sugar will have a tonic effect on the digestive system.


A return to former weight will take about the same time as you gained extra weight. Thus, if a holiday belly lasted a week, then get rid of naedennogo overwork will also be a week. However, only if excluded from the diet will be high-calorie food, people will move more, and ideally - will be engaged in sports.

Most importantly - do not just sit on a rigid diet; it portends for the body stress, and not only does not help to lose weight, and even, on the contrary, make it to accumulate fat. As a result, the sides will be fat, and muscles begin to weaken and sag. To sort has happened and dialed kilograms still gone, only to adjust your diet is necessary. Install the three-time diet with small portions and completely get rid of snacks.

Within two days, you can eat in such a way that the total caloric content of the menu does not exceed 1000-1200 calories. In no case do not load up at night: the last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you are concerned about in bed feeling hungry, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or yogurt.


The next step on the way to getting rid of kilograms - preparation diet. First of all, exclude him from foods and beverages that contain sugar. This fizzy drinks, packaged juices and any sweets. Give up fried, oily and spicy food, and more - from white flour (confectionery and bakery products). It should reduce salt intake to a minimum - it will help excrete the excess fluid. Try not to eat fruits, provoking unrest in the gut - sweet dried fruit and unripe bananas. Vegetables, limit those that contribute to gas formation and bloating (cauliflower, beans and so on. D.). In return, include in the diet of low-fat protein foods: ideal white fish and dietary meat (turkey, chicken). As a side dish fit boiled vegetables. Also included in the menu of low-fat dairy products, stews and soups, fresh vegetables and sour-sweet fruit.

Between getting rid of extra calories is very useful to lean on sauerkraut. Firstly, because of the fiber content is like a vacuum cleaner, "collects" all harmful substances. Secondly, it is rich in lactic acid needed to restore the intestinal immune system, and vitamin C, which help withstand the winter cold.


Fasting days will help get rid of excess fluid that has accumulated in the tissues due to the salty and spicy dishes. Also unloading displays remnants of undigested food from the lower intestine: an unbalanced diet with excess protein, sour milk and a lack of fresh plant foods combined with a sedentary lifestyle during the holidays helped to "stagnation". Fasting days to bring health benefits, they should be carried out regularly 1-2 times a week. The caution to the unloading is necessary to approach people with chronic diseases, especially with gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, as well as a tendency to allergies. In this case it is better to consult your doctor and make a personalized menu for unloading.

Everyone else can make a discharge, such as brown rice. Before going to bed, soak 300 grams of rice, wash the morning cereal, cover with water and cook until tender. Most importantly - do not add salt, oil or any other seasoning. Ready-made porridge divide into 6 portions and eat it at regular intervals. Be sure to this day drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water: at least 1,5-2 liters. Unloading on cottage cheese and yogurt will accelerate the metabolism and saturate the calcium and helps to lose weight. Need 600g curd 2-5% fat and 1 L of 1% yogurt. Divide the cheese into 6 equal portions and eat every 2 hours with a glass of kefir.

mEMO slimming

Do not make sudden changes in diet (eg, starvation after gluttony): it is a strong stress for the body, which can lead to unexpected results. Even to-day discharge is necessary to prepare: 2-3 days to give up fatty, sugary and salty foods, slightly reduce the portions.

Do not abuse unloading days. Optimum discharge duration - 1-2 days, maximum - 3. If you hold such power over a longer period in the body can cause a lack of vital nutrients.

Forget about the "magic" diet pills. They usually have a lot of side effects, many of them have not been studied and are not approved.

Once a week (but not often) can go to the bath or sauna: together with then removes toxins. Just do not drink it sweet drinks, beer and other spirits: These drinks will add calories. Prefer herbal teas, broth hips, berry juice, ordinary water.

If you do not exercise, then at least do morning exercises, you walk for at least 2 hours a day or running for at least 40 minutes.

Sleep at least 8 hours: people lose weight just in a dream.

Minus 5 kg for a week - it is easy! SHARE SECRETS Anita Coi ...

"My husband said to me, you in the mirror looking at?"

- I am a 16 years struggle with weight. In the 90 th year, when about nutrition nobody knew almost nothing on the table were dumplings, pies, Korean spicy food. Yet I have given birth, and for all housekeeping myself and forgot. I confess, to me it was, as with many. The very unkempt, wearing an apron, but the children in order, all clean, the husband in order, and she somehow ... And I realized that her husband was at work began to linger. And asked a direct question, because women's intuition is a powerful, what's happening? I am grateful to him so far, he told the truth: you are in the mirror looked? Of course, I was upset, offended. I was just shocked. I cried to her friends, her mother. Send frequent scandals, and I asked one question: You said that the soul is the main thing in a man, what happened? As a result, discussions have led to the fact that he gave me as a man of peace perceived, but a physiological natural sense was absent. Then I realized that this is serious and no one more than me is not an assistant - everything can be destroyed. And from this deplorable tearjerker I began my process of the way to his beloved.


First I ate Herbalife, tried Thai tablets, from which stop to eat and sleep ... And the weight back. I went through a lot, diet, sports, myostimulation. But I think that as long as man himself can get results, do not go under the knife. The bad is the story of a healthy person. Especially now the technology had gone far, there's plenty to choose from. The main thing - to start. Then there was nothing, had to go through everything. And I have such a constitution - when I was invited to play in a film director in the role of plump, I'm three weeks will type weight. As for the throw - I have a constant battle for every 100 grams.

Minus 5 kg for 7 days

Now I feel very well and at home and at work. I undertook to write a book about weight loss, because every word released popular man, is perceived as a panacea. There have been instances when the yellow edition wrote about a weight loss actress by a worm. A week later, a girl living in the suburbs ate an earthworm and was in intensive care. I do not want to give terrible advice or responsible for your life.

But I give good advice. For a week, you can safely lose 5 kg. 3 kg - it is a liquid, it is necessary to get rid of it. The remaining 2 will be your merit.

First 3 kg, you can reset the easy way. 3 days take 15 grapefruit and 15 eggs, separate them into 3 parts. One part of the - it's the power of one day. 5 grapefruit, preferably orange, peeled and fine plenochek, leaving only grainy slices. Take 5 eggs, boil them for 15 minutes, the protein concentration was maximized. Clean the testicles, remove the yolk.

For example, I eat breakfast at 11 1 protein of an egg. An hour later, I eat a sweet grapefruit. An hour later - again protein. An hour later - grapefruit. As it turns out 10 approaches to food. But if bohemians gets up at 10:00 am, at 11, she has breakfast. If you get up at 6 and have breakfast at 7, then you start with a 7.

This is a wonderful food because your immune system is experiencing the buzz: you deign to feed him Vitaminka.

And we need to drink plenty of fluids. But fresh water. Coffee, tea, juice - it's food, impurity, pure water is not there. A body has to be replenished stock of clean water. It is desirable that all meals ended before 8pm. If the 6 already finished, just grab some water and drink the cup, and the feeling of hunger will go away. So we eat for three days.

You ask: and if I die from loss of energy? Take kipyatochek, add a teaspoon of honey and throw a couple of slices of lemon. The tea bag is not needed. Drink this, if you feel that the energy decreases. My press agent always laughed at what I do. But just a week ago, she decided to start this diet. Exactly three days later she lost weight by 3 kg.

Say to yourself: I can

The main thing in weight loss - the real motive that you really care. The second - the joy of their own achievements.

Set a goal and understand how honest motive. I collapsed family. It was a powerful motive to take on itself. Because I love this man, I want to live with him and more. If you want to become a star, an artist, but just beautiful mobile person, but really want, then get up and do it. If you think you can not do at least something! Twice picks - the third turn.

In addition, we all rejoice, achieving good results. When we know that someone helped her mother in the morning smile, just went to the store - the family is happy. Everyone understands what a joy. So it is with the lost weight. Weigh yourself every day, in the morning on an empty stomach, and record the results. When you realize that 1-3-5 kilograms won - it is such a joy! And the man himself by his victories makes it more strong and confident.

Anita Tsoi told not only about their diet, but also answered questions from our readers. Video recording and full-text search in the conversation of the conference.

AS for the week and without a diet to lose 5 -7 "holiday" KGS ...

A situation where the very need postroynet 3 days before an important event, be familiar to most members of the fairer sex. However, many were starving, drink a laxative and diuretic, and went into the steam room and so on. D. But in the end then feel weak and dizzy, and the first morsel of food or a sip of alcohol on these highly anticipated events caused terrible nausea. So how quickly lose weight by 5 kg in 3 days and keep the charge of strength and energy? Is it possible?

rapid weight loss
effective weight loss

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General rules for rapid weight loss

There are a large number of diets that recommend how to quickly lose weight by 5 kg. With their help, really fast, you can get rid of 2-5 kg ​​in 3 days, provided that these do extra kilos. But to the question of how to lose weight by 5 kg, and diet choice for this purpose should be approached soberly, so as not to harm the body. Choosing the method that will be most suitable for you to lose weight by 5 kg extreme, should be familiar with some restrictions.

Rules that necessarily to get the maximum benefit and minimum harm.

  1. The presence of excess weight, otherwise nothing good venture to lose weight will not work.
  2. Weight loss should be gradual, even if you need to quickly and effectively lose weight, because the body needs time to adapt in order to avoid stress.
  3. Avoid breakdowns, motivating yourself and turn your attention to interesting things that will keep the temptation to eat something.
  4. Very important in any diet, and even more so in an emergency, the correct entry and exit from it.
  5. You can not sit on an extreme diet with a propensity to depression, presence of diabetes, diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems.
  6. To achieve maximum effect, the diet should be combined with jogging or cardio.
  7. It will be good to go and see in the diet during the bath or sauna, which also contribute to the active weight loss.

Thoroughly acquainted with each of the techniques, you will intuitively choose the most appropriate diet for you. If acute problem, how to lose weight in three days, you will be helpful:

  • monodiet unloading;
  • diet for juices;
  • milk and green tea;
  • buckwheat and green tea.

In this five-day diet - the most optimal. Lose weight for 5 days at 5 kg quite possible, and wherein optionally exhaust itself Stringent limitations. With this diet 5 kg for 5 days will be very handy for anyone who wants to put himself in the proper shape after holiday feasts. Its essence - broken down by days of food. Day sitting only on meat, day - to vegetables a day - on the fruit, the day - on grasses and day - kefir. The main thing here - do not mix different products in the daily menu, and adhere to the sequence.

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Tips on how to lose weight in 2 days by 5 kg, can be found in many blogs show stars. Visitor people argue that often use such rapid diets. Diet for weight loss of 5 kg will help balance the bowels and remove some of the hated kilograms.

A remarkable result gives the following diet: for breakfast - green tea and vegetable salad; for lunch - chicken with a small amount of beans; dinner - a glass of water + 1 tsp.. honey and the same amount of lemon juice.

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Effective way to lose weight in 3 days

We must remember that fast weight loss diet for 3 days to 5 kg are forbidden to those who have problems with the stomach, liver, pancreas, blood pressure. Also diets are contraindicated during pregnancy. In addition, it is important to recognize the fact that to lose weight in 3 days can only rid of excess water and slagging of the body and to remove fat, will take much more time. Therefore express diet - a method or only for emergencies or for periodic cleaning of the body.

If you face the goal to lose weight, maintain a healthy, wonderful suitable unloading mono-diet. It is based on the fact that for 3 days separately only eat certain foods (beef, fish, buckwheat, rice, yogurt, vegetables, fruits). What foods to choose, you can decide for yourself by deleting from the list of potatoes, grapes and bananas because of their high caloric content.

The only important thing the whole day there is only one product. For example: 1st day - chicken fillet with spices and salt, 2 nd - cucumbers, third - low-fat yogurt. Using such a separation power, for 3 days in average can lose at home to 5 kg.

Another effective method - a one-day fasting. But we should remember that any deprivation - is stressful for the body, and the basic rule with him - this is the right preparation and the correct output.

Proper one-day starvation.

dayseating behavior
Day 1 - preparation.At the same time, we are preparing the body to starvation, unloading and freeing it of toxins and stagnation. To do this, leave the menu only boiled or baked vegetables, green tea and herbal teas.
Day 2 - directly starvation.Is valid only drink pure non-carbonated water. On this day, it is necessary to drink 3 to 4 liters.
3rd day - out.Per day fasting stomach is reduced in volume, weight is reduced. However, it would be the third day to eat, too, only boiled or baked vegetables and fruits. Then you can go back to regular, balanced diet.

A single one-day fasting (with the correct entry and exit from it) will lose 3 to 5 kg, repeating the procedure every month, you will be able to cleanse the body and stabilize weight.

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Express cleansing of the body

Diet, weight loss and even more rapid methods - it is not only tangible physical exercise for the whole body, but also a great stress for a mental condition. Therefore, for many is definitely losing weight turns into an impossible mission. In this regard, often girls are often interested in the question, how to lose weight for 1 day at 5 kg in the home, not sitting on a diet. In this case, the solution is a thorough cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract, and excretion of excess fluid.

The first such method extreme weight loss is twice a day reception laxatives. They are taken immediately after a nap during lunch. In this case, also containing means with a laxative effect for each hour of the day through the need to drink approximately 2 glasses of pure water or non-carbonated tea slimming.

Another effective way to lose weight in a day for 5 kg - dehydration using diuretic drugs and herbal infusions. As a result of partial dehydration, disposal of 5 kilograms also quite possible. However, we must remember that in such a "weight loss" weight thrown back almost immediately, one has only something to drink or eat.

Therefore, high efficiency in the day-long struggle with weight gives only a comprehensive approach. It includes an absolute refusal of food and fluids, use of laxatives and diuretics and mandatory two-hour visit to a bath or sauna to enhance the increase sweating. The results of this method will impress: on the scales to see the weight dumping up to 5 kg, and in the mirror instead of hated stomach redrawn press.

However, this approach to weight loss per day can be used only in case of perfect health. However, in this case for an impressive effect will have to pay a bad mood, unhealthy complexion, as well as fast return kilograms during the transition to a normal diet.

That the body has always been slim and fit, and muscle tone, it is worth reviewing your diet entirely. Daylight healthy balanced diet and physical activity, and contribute to weight reduction and improvement of health, and increased longevity in general.

Instructions how to lose weight in a week for 5 kg How can I lose weight by 4 kg for 4 days? Review of the best ways to lose weight by 3 kg for 3 days Safe and fast: how to lose weight by 10 kg for 2 weeks

How to lose weight during the week by 5 kg, no feeling of constant hunger

Probably, there is no woman who does not dream - to lose weight by 5 kg or lose at least a pound to get rid of feelings of guilt for eaten piece of chocolate cake ...

It turns out, it is not so difficult to lose a few kilos if you wish! Especially if you have a good motivation - for example, your friend comes back from a business trip, and you want to lose weight by 5 kg for 7 days, and surprise him with her slim figure, or if you have booked tickets to Hawaii and want to look stunning on the beach.

she lost 5 kg in a week

You certainly will succeed, and will be able to lose weight in a week for 5 kg, if you remember what you want to lose weight, and I understand that the muffins, which you see on the counter at the bakery, not the last batch in the world! If you want to quickly lose weight and feel good, it is necessary to forget the buns on a diet while.

Try to convince yourself that you can eat your favorite cakes when lose weight. The main thing - the right mood, and the rest of the little things!

The main points that you should remember

  1. Eat no more than four times a day.
  2. Try not to eat for 2 hours before bedtime.
  3. Do not eat the entire portion on the plate as soon as you feel that hunger has passed - do not eat anymore. It can be divided in half portion and eat only half. Listen to your feelings during meals - you still feel hungry after a half-eaten portions, or you just feel sorry to throw out good products? Determine for yourself the perfect portion, not to overeat and to know exactly how much food at any time of the day to take to the hunger passed.
  4. Try to constantly something to do, because laziness is primarily a cause of false hunger. It may even be such exciting activities as shopping, going to the movies, going out with friends, and so on. D.

A list of products that can help you lose 5-5.5 kg, without even noticing it!

1. Oatmeal with honey.

Simply pour oatmeal with boiling water, cover anything and let it brew for 5 minutes. Then add the chopped pieces of fruit and honey.

Funny thing, but it is really very tasty and healthy. Porridge improves skin condition and starts to work the stomach at the beginning of a new day!

2. Any fruit.

Virtually no restrictions, because each of us has his favorite fruit. The main thing is not to overdo it with peaches, bananas and grapes - they contain a sufficiently large amount of calories!


3. Any vegetables.

Try not to add to them a special filling, it is best to limit olive oil.

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4. Yoghurt fat content of 2.5% or less.

5. Green tea and fresh juices.

Eat them instead of fizzy drinks - they contain a lot of hidden calories from the buyer, who later fully converted into fat.

green tea
6. White meat chicken or fish.

7. Soups and broths.

8. Drink plenty of water.

This helps to reduce appetite. Be sure to drink a glass of water 15-20 minutes before a meal - so you will feel satiety, eating only half portions!


9. Honey.

For many, it is not among the favorite sweets. But try as you once again want to sweet, not to run for chocolate or ice cream - it is not the products that you need now. Instead, prepare a cup of coffee with milk (latte or cappuccino) or a cup of hot tea, and add the honey. Once you try this drink, you will not want any candy!

Sample menu for the day

  • B: a plate of oatmeal (. Supra), green tea with honey.
  • Dinner: a plate of chicken broth, a glass of juice, banana.
  • Afternoon snack: fruit or vegetable salad, water.
  • Dinner: Strawberry Yogurt 2.5% fat, green tea with honey.

All of these tips will certainly help you to quickly lose weight without harm to health. Good luck!

Diet "favorite" - "- 5 kg for a week ... - IRECOMMEND

Diet "favorite" photo

  • Devchonki- is something, not diet)) never believed in them, what only diet not tried to remove the winter fat to fly (and I have it going in the amount of 3-5 kg ​​every winter), and to no avail, decided-this last, I'll try ... and lo and behold! happened)) - minus 5 kg !!
  • When I registered on this site, did not think that the first post is dedicated to diet .. But still I decided to tell you my story) From birth, I was likely to be overweight and to be honest, I never considered himself a thick ..
  • . Hello everyone losing weight! .. Learn about diet "favorite" a long time ago, when the weight was much more. The first time try it when he was about 55-60 kg. And here once again having aimed to finish the last extra kg (starting with 50 kg), I once again decided to choose it.
  • Good day to all! Background: As I already wrote about my weight loss experience. Then I chose a "Drinking a diet" and have lost 13.5 kg. It was last year. Weight held normally, I'm not gaining. Supported by the results of running and lessons on the elliptical trainer.
  • Good day to all those who have come across in my review. After I has stayed a month on buckwheat diet, I decided to stop by and wanted to go on another diet. I am a very long wool online and beloved Ayrekomend to choose something suitable.
  • All greetings) This is my first review on a diet. I'll start with a small digression, but it will tell you What made me most to this diet. By itself, I am not inclined to excess weight. Most of my life I am rather thin, rather than vice versa.

How to lose 5 kg in a week. LOSE WEIGHT FOR 7 DAYS: What kind of diet ...


Week - a real term to reset an average of five extra kilos, the result of which will be visible to others loss. Just follow the simple rules and, if desired, and there are no contraindications, take a quick diet.

Lose Weight in 7 days
Reasons to lose weight quickly every woman a lot: spring came, approaching holiday soon momentous event. Embody conceived simple tips will help:

  • no supper for three hours before bedtime, eat small portions and only when you feel hungry;
  • do not use convenience foods, snacks, fried, sweet;
  • monitor weight and count calories;
  • Drink 2 liters of water per day;
  • Do breathing exercises;
  • Make physical activity a regular basis.

Lose Weight in a week, following diets

How to lose 5 kg in a week, avoiding exhausting starvation - it is quite feasible task. Little time, athletic exercises, the daily change of the day and breathing exercises did not have time to show results. But will the exact observance of a certain diet. It created a lot of different schedules, so everyone can choose the appropriate to your preferences and possibilities diet.

Having decided on a week-long diet, choose:

  1. Diet, particularly comfortable for you, including the usual products. Avoid too meager, monotonous diets, they can harm health.
  2. Schedule power, which does not require drastic changes in your lifestyle. It is important not to overestimate the capabilities of their willpower.
  3. Realistic goals (lose 20 kg is not possible for 7 days). Quickly dumped kgs often just as quickly "grow" again.
  4. An effective plan that allows you to throw five kilograms a week and maintain the achieved results. In the future, to carry out additional steps to reduce weight.

Lose weight by 5 kg? Use of mono!

Weight Loss by using a single product. The method is specific and psychologically difficult. Not everyone can be fed uniformly over 7 days, even if you treat food as medicine to receive: unpleasant, but necessary.

Kefir diet is considered to be a tough, strong-willed choice for ladies who want to drop a kilogram per day. It involves daily consumption of one and a half liters of yogurt, plus 400 grams of low-calorie foods to choose from: baked potato, cottage cheese, boiled chicken breast, fruit. Sixth day - only kefir and water.

Impressive weight relief provides the use of steamed buckwheat. A glass washed grits poured boiling water over night. Restrictions on the number of receiving no porridge, but are advised to use kibble to 6 times a day, do not eat before going to bed. Resolved within a week fat-free yogurt (up to a liter per day) or green apples (three pieces).

Low-calorie diet

Reset weight by reducing calories in food. The body takes energy from the internal "reserves", so begin to burn off the excess. Such diets are called hungry. The basic principles of low-calorie diets:

  • norm dishes 200 g (female) and 300 g (male), a six-powered;
  • total calorie products taken per day: woman - 1300 kcal, a man - 1700 kcal;
  • necessarily every day and a half to two liters of water.

protein diet

A protein prevalent in the diet affects the chemical processes, speeds up the metabolism. Positive feedback collected outlined below eating plan. It is recommended to comply with the proposed procedure for receiving products, drink plenty of water to eliminate dinner. Vegetables can be refilled a drop of olive oil, meat (fish) boiled or steamed. Banned salt, sugar, alcohol.

  1. Breakfast: 50 grams of fish, lettuce, a cup of yogurt. Lunch: egg, 90 grams of chicken fillet, rye bread.
  2. B: 80 g of veal, celery, 1 boiled carrots and potatoes, green tea. Lunch: 120 g of non-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, oatmeal (steamed water), 5 dates.
  3. Breakfast: cup chicken broth, 50 g of chicken breast, 3 loaf. Lunch: 50 grams of beef, rye bread, spinach, apple, orange.
  4. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge, a cup of yogurt, tomatoes. Lunch: rice, citrus Frechet beaker, 100 grams of cheese, prunes, orange, kiwi.
  5. Breakfast: 60 grams of beef, egg, cucumber, bell pepper. Lunch: chicken breast, two potatoes, grapefruit, apple, 50 g of dried fruit.
  6. Breakfast: half a cup of chicken broth, 50 grams of fish, rye bread, green tea, a spoon of honey. Lunch: rice, tomato, yogurt, kiwi, banana.
  7. Breakfast: buckwheat, 60 grams of chicken breast, paprika, dried, green tea. Lunch: lentils, 100 g of beef, yogurt, 30 g of almond.

When scheduling takes into account supply rules are calculated calorie content. Fast diet is contraindicated in cases of gastritis, diabetes, ulcers, kidney problems and liver. It can cause allergies, depression, lack of energy, negatively affect the skin, hair. You can not use this method of pregnant women and adolescents.

When losing weight required intake of fruits and vegetables, lots of water. Minimized salt excluded alcohol and carbonated water. Desserts are replaced with dried fruits.

Urgent lose 5 kg hard, but possible under certain volitional efforts and dedication. Choose a schedule, which forces you personally observe, do not forget about exercise, eat well and after leaving the diet.

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