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Each modern user of mobile services requires Internet access and a minute for calls to other numbers. This, and more, will be able to offer fare online My Tele2. It includes packages minutes, SMS, traffic and even free use of some applications.

Tariff "My Online» Tele2

  • Moscow: 50 sms, 12GB, 500 min.
  • Murmansk: 350 m, 50 smsok 10 GB..
  • Chelyabinsk: 350 minutes, 5 GB, 50 text messages.
  • Rostov: smsok 50, 400 minutes, 10GB.
  • Irkutsk, Voronezh 50 sms-c, 400 minutes, 7 GB..
  • Vladimir, Kaluga, Ryazan, Tver: 300 m, 50 sms, 10 GB..
  • Volgograd: 500 m, 10 GB, 50 text.. msg.
  • Lipetsk smsok 50, 400 minutes, 8 GB.
  • Kursk: 8GB, 300 m, 50 SMS app..
  • Perm: 6 GB, 350 m, 50 text messages..
  • Saratov: 14 GB, 50 smsok, 400 min.

My line is available for different areas of republics, territories and offers traffic packets, minutes, text messages, unlimited free calls to Tele2 all over Russia. This tariff plan abonplatnogo type, so it is a fixed cost.

It includes such features: Services on the basis of packet data roaming abroad Mezhdugrodny and international access, transfer balances, I am available Roaming in Russia, Informaer, USSD, Automatic Caller ID, SMS, access to content, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Hold, call waiting. Charge provided "more" if the traffic ended.

Features of "My Online" :

  • free content in Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Zvook, Tele2TV;
  • 120 days non SIM card starts to be charged monthly fee 3 r. per day, which stops when the funds on the balance sheet ends;
  • after 180 days of non-sim-card is blocked;
  • monthly subscription fee debited if sufficient funds;
  • If not enough money in the account to remove the subscription fee, the cost of services varies and will be less profitable;
  • packet data is transferred automatically for free.
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Connecting tariff "My Online» Tele2

Do not have a SIM card Tele2, you want to buy it with the tariff plan "My-Online"? We offer you such options for this :

  • Directly from the house you can buy a starter pack on the website of Tele2 Following the link, click "Connect", and then open a window to enter information in several steps: select a phone number, leaving the old and buying a new one, enter your details, including the name of an order, decide the delivery and payment methods, complete the registration of the order.
  • Take your passport and visit Tele2 office in your city. Their list on the official website. Contact the person requesting the acquisition of "My Online". Having a contract, sign your name and activate the SIM-ku. This can for you to make a consultant. In the store you can buy other products from Tele2.

How to go to another tariff

If you already have a SIM card Tele2, you can change the tariff plan to "My-online" yourself :

  • Use ussd command * 630 * 3 #. This is a great option if internet access is closed, but it is necessary to change conditions quickly. This service team to switch to "My Online". Follow the instructions that will be received on your device in order to successfully complete the operation.
  • Call the operator to call 630. When the other methods do not work, this is the only right decision. Dialed 630, listen to the voice menu, here is the section dealing with tariff plans. Click on it and view all the options, select "My Online". Here you can find out the details and connect it. After activating the appropriate Sms go to your device.
  • Service personal account - it is an opportunity to stay abreast of changes to your SIM card, balance, transfer funds, change the tariff plan, connect, disconnect services. To login please go to, enter the phone number and one-time password. The code will change every time you log in to the security operations. Next, locate the "Tariff and services" section, in the column with the tariff plans, which will appear after clicking on "Change", choose "My Online".
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Dropout rate, "My Online» Tele2

Deactivate rate plan can only change his or lock SIM card. Temporary blocking is carried out in the user's office, on a call to 630, providing proof of your ownership of the number, as well as directly in the office Tele2 your city.

Change the conditions by selecting the appropriate option on the web page of the company, by clicking "Connect" next to the name, in a private office user on a call to the operator 630.

the fare

Moscow 399 p., Murmansk 350 p., Chelyabinsk 299 p., Rostov 349 p., Irkutsk, 399 p., Vladimir 299 p., Volgograd 350 p., Voronezh 350 p., Kaluga 299 p., Lipetsk 350 p., Kursk 299 p., Perm 290 p., Tver 299 p., Saratov 350 p., 299 p Ryazan. Money is withdrawn every month. With a lack of funds on the balance sheet conditions change. Connection is free. Only if you changed the plan less than 30 days ago, 150 p will be removed from the account.

Tariff "My Online» Tele2

Calls to the home area

  • The rate applies to Saratov:
  • Tele2 - 0 p.
  • All the opera-ra - 0 p. (Package), 1.5 p.
  • Sms - 0 p. 50 units, from 51st - 1.50 rubles.
  • Mms - 6,50 rubles.

Long Distance calls

  • Tele2 - free of charge.
  • Other bodies. - 2 p.
  • SMSes - 2.50 rubles.
  • Mms-ki - 6.5 p.

international calls

  • Canada, the United States - 49 RUR / m..
  • CIS - 30 RUR / m..
  • Baltic States, Europe - 49 RUR / m..
  • Other guide. -. 69 p / min.
  • Satellite systems - 240 w / m..
  • SMS - 5 rubles.

Internet tariff plan

The traffic volume of packets GB 5-12 are provided to the payment period, which is equal to 1 month. If data end, according to options "more" of their number will be increased automatically: 50 p. 500 MB.

This service can be disabled in a private office or command * 155 * 310 #. Free access to the applications of social networks Facebook, Vokntakte, Classmates, Vayber, Vatsap, Sound, Tele2TV. Consumed traffic is rounded up to 150 KB.

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Advantages and disadvantages of tariff

cons :

  • amount of packet data is different for different areas;
  • tariff is abonplatnym and involves monthly withdrawals;
  • Standard rates for international calls.

pros :

  • minutes for calls to other phones area;
  • Free calls to Tele2;
  • Traffic Package, SMS;
  • low cost.

My-online offers an attractive environment for all users who use the mobile Internet, and often call to their phone networks, at least - other numbers.

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