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With each subsequent release of iOS kupertinovtsy implement new functionality, thanks to which we can give up many free and paid counterparts from the App Store, content with regular applications. In this article we will explain how to trim a video using the "Photos" regular application on iPhone and iPad.

How to trim your video on the iPhone and iPad with no third-party apps

Frankly, when I was asked to write this stuff, I immediately thought that it was necessary to install a free program iMovie, which is great for trimming video deals with video editing, completely forgetting about the "Photo". The normal viewer iOS has a great tool that is ideal for our problem.

TOPIC: Feedback shot on an iPhone, or capture video "backwards."

How to trim videos on your iPhone or iPad using the "Photo"

1 . Click the " Photos ".

2 . In "tab Albums " navigate to the folder " Video " or look for the video other convenient way.

How to trim videos on your iPhone or iPad using the "Photo"

3 . Open the video in the upper right corner, click " Change ."

How to trim your video on the iPhone and iPad with no third-party apps

4 . At the bottom of the display is the storyboard, and in the right and left of the arrow, which you can drag and drop, to shorten or extend the length of the video. When you start to work with them, the tape will turn yellow. Possible to reproduce the resulting portion if necessary.

How to trim your video on the iPhone and iPad with no third-party apps

5 . Click " Done " and select the action " Trim Original " or " Save as new ". On the first point, be careful, because it is not correctly trim video, you can lose valuable staff. Where better to save "as new", and delete the original separately. So it will still be kept in a basket for 30 days.

How to trim your video on the iPhone and iPad with no third-party apps


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Built-in camera smartphone makes it easy to record the events happening around them. Guess, when there will be an interesting point, it is almost impossible, so the video footage is always contained a lot of unnecessary information. To remove unnecessary and make the file informative, you need to know how to trim video iPhone. The processed video can be sent to friends or post on social networks directly from your smartphone.

The "Photos"

Any user demanded feature is normally quickly sold Apple in firmware. On the iPhone, all pictures and videos are saved in "Photos" application records. The program allows to edit video and share it by sending to Instagram or laid out on YouTube.

  1. The album opens with "Video" and choose the shot or downloaded to a smartphone video that want to process.

Clip for trimming

  1. Click on a virtual button in the center of the screen to start running.

show button

  1. At the bottom of the screen strip cropping and an indicator of the current playback position, followed by a time stamp. Press the pause icon, said the number "2" to stop playback.


  1. "Change" field will appear at the top of the screen. Click on it to activate the built-in editor.

Change item

  1. On each side of the strip framing will be indicated stops arrows.

crop button

  1. Pulling on any of them will activate the yellow frame editing. Moving stops, cut the fragment of the front and back of the arrow. Individual time stamps do not, so you can edit the file only "by sight", visually determine the proper boundaries. Sound track that accompanies the picture is divided automatically.


  1. To extend the working area, you can change the phone's orientation from portrait to landscape. Completing the definition of boundaries of the fragment of the video, click "Finish" button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Tap Finish

  1. In the menu, choose the save point marked in the screenshot. So we leave the original intact and can handle it again, selecting a different fragment.


Third-party editors

The "Photos" gives us only the most basic editing tools, assuming a simple pruning of the source file. Users who need the advanced features, can make use of third-party applications.

Completely free Splice editor has a rating of 4.8 out of a maximum of 5 points available. At the time of this writing, the latest version of the materials has been updated to 3.5.3.

  1. After starting the first thing Splice offers to create a new project. Click on a single virtual button in the middle of the screen.

New project

  1. Allows the program to access the library of the smartphone.


  1. We reaffirm the permit issued, an affirmative answer to the operating system request.

Access to the OS

  1. At the top of the screen, click on the words "Camera Roll". Opens as shown in the screenshot folder selection menu. Transition to the abolition item.
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camera roll

  1. The main window now displays the stored and recorded videos. Choose what you want to edit.

Selecting a clip

  1. A single tap on the fragment of the video is accompanied by a check mark on it and activating the "Add" button in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it to put the clip into a new project.

Add button

  1. The following screenshot shows the default settings for the problem created by us. You can not change anything, and immediately click on the button marked.

Finish button

  1. Work on the project in the application is divided into two parts. Separately edited video and audio track. In this case, we are interested in only the first part. Press for trimming a selected video clip.

Select video

  1. A pop-up menu from which select the item "Processing."


  1. When you first launch the program will display tips for menu items. We turn to the tool, marked with green paint frame.


  1. "Trim" menu select. With the arrows elements associated with time stamps, we choose fragment. Click on the marked "3" button? completing the operation. Place the phone "on the side" in the Edit menu can not be - the program supports landscape mode only during playback.


  1. We confirm consent to the processing of the selected video.

the confirmation

  1. When the operation is finished, in the upper right corner appears a stylized icon "Share".


  1. Standard program will offer to place the project results on YouTube or send in a social network. Default supported by Facebook and Instagram. Configure the appropriate profile for these settings can be in Splice. Marked by the number "2" select "More" opens the integrated system "Share" menu with custom programs. click on the button "3" to be stored in the general iOS folder.

Share item

  1. The pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen contains a list available for the generated video resolutions. You can choose as an average quality and Hight Definition. The original file will remain in the project, so any time you can return to it, and select a different size for storage.

The choice of size

If you wish to create a movie, you can add a variety of sound and visual effects, impose a voice or music from the Apple Music.

Another editor rated - Perfect Video. In the App Store had 4.7 points. The current version 5.2 is adapted to the design of iPhone X.

  1. Working with the program also begins with the creation of a new project from existing records.

Perfect Video

  1. Perfect Video well documented, and the first run gives the user a lot of tips. their display will be turned off by pressing the question mark, designated the number "1". To add to the editor of your video, select the icon in the lower left corner, marked by two.

Help Perfect Video

  1. The standard settings window for the new project. As seen in the screenshot immediately accessible format, orientation, and aspect ratio. Especially for Instagramm provided 1: 1 mode that enables to change the scale so that the height of the video coincides with its width.

placing mode

  1. The following screenshot shows a set of hints, which opens in the video editor.


  1. trimming mode is activated by pressing the button indicated by the arrow "trimming".


  1. As in the previously discussed programs, pulling the crop edge of the strip, it is possible to shorten the video to the desired size. When you're ready, click on the checkbox labeled deuce. The selected part will continue in the form of the finished project. Feature of the program is that the original should be left in the album "Video" on the iPhone. Perfect Video does not copy it to the proper storage, and the project is a symbolic link. it is impossible to restore it from an application When you delete the original file.


  1. Mounted video can be any longer, changing the playback speed, if you want to reduce it at some point. Export the free roller in the embodiment can only be for a period of 30 seconds and a watermark. To remove the restriction, you need to buy the Pro version, which will cost 379 rubles.


The above programs are compatible with all the "apple" smartphone using iOS 9 or older. It's starting the operating system for the iPhone 5 CE, released in 2016. Accordingly, more recent devices, such as 6 or 10, they will also work.

Standard iMovie application from iLife applications included with iOS also allows you to crop the video. In fact, this whole set of tools for creating multimedia content that can be used on any Apple device.

  1. The main window displays the video in the form of strips framing. Switch to tab "Projects" by selecting it from the top.


  1. Click on the "plus" to add a video that is going to handle.

Add video

  1. Since we only need to change the size, select the top menu marked frame.


  1. Crop the desired portion by moving the guides to the edges. Noting the start and end positions, indicated by the arrow to push the check.

Select a track

  1. When you have finished cutting, the program will display the name and date of creation of the roller next to the thumbnail. Open the system menu "Share" tapnuv on the corresponding icon.

Tap on Share

  1. To save the ready file to the device library, select the item marked in the screenshot.

save item

  1. We determine the required quality and finish the operation.

Choosing quality

Aymuv by optimizing exhibits good processing speed, but quite demanding on resources. On iPhone 5SE c 2 GB of RAM the program runs smoothly, but can significantly "eat" the battery on older smartphones.


Crop video to "apple" devices is easily performed natively. If their capacity for some reason is not sufficient, in the App Store, you can find editors for all tastes - both paid and free.

Posted overview video below will allow to better understand the described process and learn more about the programs used.

HOW TO CUT VIDEO ON IPHONE. And built-in tools ...

No matter how experienced users we are with you are, anyway, sooner or later we will find in the iOS operating system is something new, which we did not know before. Similarly, sometimes there comes a time when you need to perform some fairly simple operation, but we simply do not know how it is quick and easy to make. Today we look at one thing that often causes a lot of questions and problems in the iPhone and iPad users.

This question arises when a saved already recorded and the video you want to trim a bit to remove him from unnecessary and unwanted frames, but do not want to mess with the computer, cables, arcane programs. This is especially true if the shortened video you are going to send in a social network directly from the memory of the iPhone, and it makes no sense to download the file to your computer first, and then back again.

Today we look at several options and programs to quickly and easily trim your video directly on the device itself. It is likely, it is an opportunity which many of us do not even know, because it is implemented in Apple devices is not quite clearly and obviously. However, for fast video editing on the go, to reduce its duration or in the case when you just need to cut the extra couple of seconds, the standard iOS tool is much better than any analog.

The standard operating system tools

Ready video that you filmed, saved to your iPhone in the standard application "of film / video." Here, as a rule, many users view these videos by adding them to Favorites and hence removing the failed instances. Few people know that it is a video playback menu in the application of film, includes a tool that allows you to crop the video.

When viewing the finished movie on your iPhone display the top edge is a scale which shows the playback progress. On either side of the scale are arranged arrows pointing left and right. Perhaps, on the idea of ​​iOS designers they need us to hint at the fact that for them it is possible to pull to the left or right, but as practice shows, this is not obvious to many users.

Trimming a video in a native editor

Capturing the finger one of these arrows, holding it and moving your finger across the display to the left or to the right, you turn editing tool that reduces the duration of video footage. Moving the hands to the desired position, you can easily specify where the video should start and where to end. After the performed manipulation, you can immediately re-start playback, viewing what happens in the end.

When the editing is completed and you are sure to get the desired result, you can safely press the upper right corner of the display button to Trim. Safely because the device is required to offer you an additional option, which can be quite useful. You will be offered a choice - to trim the original video and apply the change or save the edited version as a separate file. If in the future you will need to re-edit the clip a little bit differently, be sure to be sure to save the original.

alternative methods

No matter how simple or intuitive or was a native tool, built into every iPhone, he still has one significant limitation, which can be critical. It allows you to crop the video only from the beginning or the end. And what to do in cases where you want to cut out the extra video fragment that had fallen into the lens in the middle of shooting? Here you will come to the aid of third-party applications that can be found in the AppStore store.

Appendix Clips Video Editor

Of course, they are all designed for different tasks and have both paid and free versions. As recommended solutions, we want to offer you a free app Clips Video Editor, which will help trim your videos much more functionally and accurately than does the standard of film of your iPhone application.

  • ClipsVideoEditor

    Clips Video Editor program can work with ready-made, filmed clips, and can also record video directly before editing the built-in camera. Adding video to "pasteboard", you have the opportunity to see it from start to finish, using a convenient rewinding to find the desired track.

Visual scale that displays video playback looks the most like the one we have seen in the standard iOS apps. You can just move the sliders by removing the beginning or ending of the video, or enter a specific fragment in the middle. The only difference is that add the same video editor you can any number of times. Each following passage will be played without pauses after the previous and seams.

Dragging the cut pieces up and down on the desktop application, you can change their prioritization. Thus, you can cut a few individual fragments of the same video, and arrange them in any order. After applying the changes, Clips Video Editor program alone will save the finished movie, cutting and pasting passages in these locations.

Application Screenshots Clips Video Editor

Useful to you Such a program would be more because in addition to cutting the video, it is available much more additional tools not provided for in the iOS operating system. Just a few of Taps on the display and you can edit the block change effects in the field of gluing two passages, add on top of the finished video ringtones from the standard set or directly from your iTunes library, and instantly send the result of your editing in any social network or instant messenger.

An important advantage of Clips Video Editor, before the built-in iPhone video editor is also in the fact that no matter how sophisticated manipulation you have done with the video, the original clips will not be affected, and the finished project is saved in Clips and will be available for re-editing or small adjustments at any time.

iMovie app

Also for trimming video length suitable proprietary software from the company Apple - iMovie. She has much more functionality than Clips application, but due to it is not so fast on the iPhone older generations and takes a lot of space in the device memory.

  • iMovie also lets you cut and splice videos, apply various visual effects and sound editing video, but if you rarely need such opportunities, and often you just need to edit the duration of the video footage, there is no reason to keep such a massive program for the iPhone. You should use the standard way or Clips Video Editor application.

Several videos on iMovie possibilities:

published ProfiAppler

Do not forget to read the comments, there are also a lot of useful information. If your question is not answered, but in more recent comments have the answer, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect other people's time.

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crop video

Edit video

video installation

Iphone 6s plus

cropping video to iPhone

Video editing on the iPhone, as well, and other mobile devices, and the computer is an integral component of video creativity. This article will tell you how you can trim your video on the iPhone iOS system by regular means and with the help of special applications.

Trimming integrated video editor

1. Open the video you want to crop.

select video
2. To make it easier to edit, turn the iPhone into a horizontal position.

horizontal installation suggestions
3. Tapnite in the top bar "Edit".

edit start
4. Look at the video by moving the cursor on the track footage to determine which piece should be cut and which to leave (Hold your finger on the display plane, move it on the scale).

Move the cursor
5. If you need to remove the beginning of the video, drag the left handle to the right (the fragment to be deleted zatoniruetsya):

installation of the left border
If you need to remove the last shots, move the right handle to the left:

the movement of the right marker
Thus, after cutting the footage will fragment located between the markers.

6. Click "Finish" to remove the extra frames.

edit start
7. Select the option to save the edited material:

  • "Trim Original" - the system will replace the original file is altered (ie unedited video will remain on the phone);
  • "Save as new" - the cropped video will remain as a separate file, and the "source" will remain unchanged.

ways to save
The use of special applications

If you need advanced features of video editing, including cutting, pasting, gluing fragments, etc., it makes sense to install on your phone video editor. Let's look at the most popular solutions.

The program has the same principle of trimming, as well as built-in iOS option (setting markers field footage trimming).

Clips Video Editor

But at the same time it still allows the user to add to the desktop video and other video again, already loaded into the editor, cut out several fragments, change the prioritization of their play.

sliced ​​pieces

Ready Clips Video installation automatically cuts, glues and saves in a single file.

Smart editor is equipped with many features. In addition to trimming and gluing, can be added to the video subtitles, watermark, overlay and add the audio track, insert text. It works great with movies, filmed in high definition 4K and Full HD (1920 × 1080) on the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus.

Perfect Video
At the request of the user to adjust the video can be exported to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Album "of film." It supports editing in a horizontal and vertical orientation of the screen.

Sufficiently "massive" video editor: its distribution volume is 647 MB. It consumes a relatively large amount of system resources, but it is superior to the possibility of adjusting and editing video previous editors.

Divides the video track and its parts, saves them as individual files. It has 14 beautiful templates (graphics, music, logo customization, titles) for cutting the trailer.

working table editor
It supports a variety of effects (acceleration and deceleration, the picture-in-picture, split screen) and transitions. It allows you to add video in your own voice instructions, music.

Good luck to you in video editing!

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